DigiNET™ Home Telephone

Crystal clear digital phone service built for rentals for $31.99 per month.  Bundling with StreamNET™ discounts it to $28.66 per month.
One-time installation fee $60.00, discounted to $50.00 for existing Community Members

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FREE Long Distance Calling

Includes Lower 48 US States
Includes most of Canada
It's either FREE or blocked, no surprises
900 and Collect calls blocked
Flat Rate All Inclusive Pricing

Advanced Digital Network

Crystal clear call quality
Compatible with existing phones
Can use house wiring or cordless options
Free New Local Number
$20.00 porting charge if you bring a number with you.

Fully E911 Compliant

House address is automatically transmitted to the PSAP during 911 calls
Protect your guests who may not know the area well enough to help emergency personnel find them. Protect your investment from liability.

DigiNET™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an alarm system or septic system at my property.  Why do I have to pay extra for that ($9.00/month)?
A: Alarm systems and septic systems require a separate line on our network because we use many techniques to improve sound quality on our voice lines, and these techniques tend to cause problems with alarms and septic monitoring systems.  To overcome this, we install a second line that is dedicated to these systems, and does not have any of the optimizations we use to make voice sound good.  If we tried to use one line, either the voice would sound terrible and the alarm/septic would function properly, or the voice would sound great and the alarm/septic would not work.  Traditional analog lines don't have this limitation, but cost $45.00 or more per month.  Our combined 2-line charge is still far less than a traditional analog line, and makes it possible for voice calls to go through without interruption from an alarm or septic outbound call.

Q: I want to keep my old number and switch to you.  How do I do that?
A: Simply indicate this on your signup form when filling it out, and DO NOT try to change or cut off your former provider.  We will send you a Letter Of Authorization form (required by the carrier) that gives us the authority to port the number away from the existing carrier.  Once the paperwork is secured, we will place the order and schedule the installation according to your current carrier's commitment date.  On that day, we will travel to your property and convert the infrastructure over to our service, and your former account with the losing carrier will automatically close.  You may wish to follow up with them to confirm everything was completed, but please do so AFTER the installation.  The losing carrier can prevent the porting process from completing if you make ANY change on the account.  Cutting off your former carrier before the porting goes through will cause the number to be lost, and likely unrecoverable.