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24-Hour Guest Phone Support

Guests need support when they need it, not when it is convenient for the provider. We give support ANY TIME, day or night, whenever it is needed. Most companies won't take a guest call at all, and some will 10 hours a day, ONLY RenterNET USA takes them 24 Hours a day.

Fastest Response times

We work hard to ensure rapid response times in cases of an outage. It costs us more, but it is worth it to respond onsite in one days time. Guests are only here for 7 days...they cannot wait multiple days to start getting help. Our same-or-next day support is the fastest available in our service markets, bar none.

Fully Managed Networking

Most providers rent you a modem, leaving you to build and support an access network on your own. We install the complete solution, including the wired and wireless networking you need, along with support materials to inform guests on how to use it. Don't settle for 1/3rd of what you really need.

Flat Rate All Inclusive Pricing

Most providers advertise a low monthly rate, then rent you the equipment and charge you for service visits, further increasing the price you actually pay. Our pricing is flat-rate, all-inclusive, period. We even discount bundle prices EVERY YEAR after the first one, so our service costs less as you keep it...the way it should be!

Backed by Real IT Technicians

Wiring contractors are not equipped to solve networking issues, and you shouldn't settle for support from unqualified personnel. RenterNET USA was founded by IT technicians to deliver a level of support unavailable from your typical utility-based provider. Best of all, it's included FREE.

No Pop-Up Advertisements or Email Harvesting

We do not sell you a connection, then co-opt it back to ourselves to sell advertising or harvest guest email addresses with it. The rental agreement signed by your guest provides protection against illegal use, so any attempt to add to this with a pop-up console only annoys your guests.  No ad injection or email harvesting here.