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Your Residential TV services are being restored to their normal state

RenterNET has been working with Spectrum to provide increased internet speeds and a better overall experience for both our Owners and their guests. In the process of making adjustments to get you those increased speeds, there were some unintended impacts to the residential accounts in place with video services attached. Spectrum has been made aware of this issue and understands the importance of correcting your account immediately.

We are working with their team(s) to restore any channels lost, and as a result of the confusion, RenterNET was able to get Spectrum to agree to provide the TV Select package through 9/28 at no additional cost.  For any subscriber who previously had a retail video subscription to Spectrum, there will be a credit for any channels up to and including those in the Select lineup through 9/28/21. Any cable box charges will remain in place, and any additional channels subscribed to will also be restored and added back to your account. A follow up communication will be sent on or around 8/28/21 with an update from Spectrum and ahead of any other changes.

We are planning to offer your choice of a hybrid set top box + streaming package, or streaming-only TV package beginning in the fall of 2021. These recent changes were meant to prepare for that option, not force it upon anyone now.  When we reach out to you in August, we'll have all the details of this new product, and how we can save you even more in the years ahead. We'll even help you get rid of your set top boxes and transition at that time, leaving your property with better TV options at a lower total cost than ever before. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we complete this transition with Spectrum.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via any of the following options:

Via webform: Click here to send us a message
Via direct email: info@renternetusa.com
Via phone call: (252) 261-6576 9-5 7 days a week